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20010920: McIDAS GOES-East GINI IR images (cont.)

>From: Christian Page <address@hidden>
>Organization: UQAM
>Keywords: 200109180846.f8I8k9116975 McIDAS ADDE GINIEAST


>I tried your suggestion but I get:
>imgremap.k: Invalid keyword combination ...
>imgremap.k:    The keywords RES and SIZE are not valid for DEST projection
>Why it doesn't work for SIZE=ALL?

The resolution and geographical extent are already exactly specified
in the image that is being remapped into:


(I should have remembered this when I sent the first email, but since
I was not at a machine on which I could run McIDAS, I couldn't check
my recommendations.  Sorry...)

Given this, the correct remap command would be:


The interesting thing is that GOES-East is back scanning during the 4 to
7 Z time period, so the remap for that purpose is not needed.

The idea of doing the remap, however, is still useful.  A number of the
GOES-East GINI VIS images have been filled with garbage today.  The same
images from the RTIMAGES dataset were OK (the problem was in the GINI
production at the NWS).  So, if one wanted images for the hours that
had bad data, s/he could still remap the RTIMAGE images into the GINI
projection and end up with good looking results.  The only problem with
this is that the resolution of the RTIMAGES VIS images is 4 km and the
resolution of the GINI VIS images is 1 km.


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