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20010905: MCGUI image loop problem; serving as an ADDE cooperating site

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200108271943.f7RJhW128098 McIDAS-X MCGUI ADDE


>McIDAS seems to be working great except for one thing.  Every once in a
>while a user will try to load an image loop
>and will get a TCL/TK error.  The stack trace is:
>Syntax error in expression "X-1"
>  while executing
>"expr $eframs-$bframe"
>(command bound to event)

I am guessing that the listing above was done by copying stuff from
the screen and not a cut and past from teh screen.  The reason I say
this is that the variable 'eframs' is no where to be found in the
module that contains the Tcl/Tk code (upcguiprocs.tcl).

>The error is not consistent and I can't reproduce it.  (Only a few users
>have had this happen).

Nuts, this makes things really hard.

>When it does happen, after hitting the OK button, McIDAS freezes for a few
>minutes, then becomes available for the 
>user again.

The next time it happens, can you let me know what kind of image was
being displayed in the loop?  This might help in tracing the problem
down.  A quick review of the code did not make anything jump out at me,
so I have no quick fix to offer.

>As for your earlier question about us getting more bandwidth, yes we upped
>our pipe from  5Mb to 15Mb.  

Sounds great.

>As for us becoming an ADDE site, I have no problems with that as I'd like to
>help the community, but let me check
>with networking first to see if they have any objections.

OK.  The idea is to add twister.millersville.edu to the list of cooperating
servers available through the MCGUI.  The primary user of your server would
naturally be yourself, but opening up access to your machine would allow
others to use your data from time-to-time.


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