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20010904: weather.cod.edu update to 7.80 request

>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200109041813.f84ID8127488 McIDAS-X 7.80


>if you could please update mcidas on weather Tom it would be great.

OK.  The upgrade from 7.7x to 7.80 is a no brainer so it goes quickly.

>me your direct email again so i can give you the password and such again,
>or unless u still have it it hasn't changed.

I have the old info, and I am on right now.

>Also ldm-decoders also if they need to be updated.  

Nope, they don't need updating.

>Current version running 7.705

It will be 7.801 after the upgrade (I will install the first addendum
mods even though they are not officially released yet).

>thanks again

No problem.

OK, the upgrade is finished, and the LDM has been stopped and
restarted.  Data appears to be rolling in and getting decoded with no
problems.  I updated your ADDE remote server mapping table to be able
to serve NOAAPORT NEXRAD data as the dataset RTNEXRAD.  This allows the
7.80 version of my GUI to McIDAS, MCGUI, to work for that builtin
dataset.  Someone there really should give the new MCGUI a whirl to
see how easy it can be to access a variety of data through McIDAS.

I verified that remote access to weather is working correctly for
everything except sounding data.  Failure of serving of sounding data
from Linux boxes running kernels newer than 2.0.36 is a known problem.
It is seen on all varieties of Linux checked to date: RedHat, Debian,

On the brighter side, your machine is no slouch, but the speed record
for building Unidata McIDAS is held by Plymouth State College.  Their
dual 1 Ghz P4 machine with 2 GB of RAM running FreeBSD 4.3 built the
entire McIDAS package in 7 minutes!


>From address@hidden Tue Sep  4 14:21:04 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010904: weather.cod.edu update to 7.80 request 

well p4's weren't out and then even then the dual p4 wasn't out for a
while also.  
but ya its a fairly fast speed.  :)
thnx tom... will try playing with it and all soon here, and hopefully paul
will move everything off of the old mcidas server to this one ;)  one of
these days.

>From address@hidden Tue Sep  4 14:26:15 2001
>Subject: there will be another machine for mcidas too, 

but that can be held til another date.  It will be the 2ndary weather
server here at cod.  not top priority now,  i also need to install wxp on
it and get the licensing for wxp also for that new box.  I'll let u know
when i get the other box operational... maybe next week

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