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20010821: McIDAS: map overlays bar and refresh problems (cont.)

>From: Christian Page <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universite du Quebec a Montreal
>Keywords: 200108161336.f7GDaa129316 McIDAS scripts


>Hi again (lots of messages in this thread...),


re: specifying use of a different color number to control label placement
>Thanks, I solved the problem by assigning the same color with GU for numbers 4
>and 5, so I get the labels where I want.

Good.  That was what I had in mind in my last email.  You can do this every
time in your script, or you can create a new graphic palette and load
it into the frame before or after doing the plot (but before saving the
image as a GIF (tm), JPEG, etc.).

re: watching out in an upgrade if you modified any of the distribution files
>The only thing I modified was to add some stretch tables as well as
>enhancement tables.

This will not be affected by an upgrade.

>I did also setup ADDE, that's all.

This won't be affected either.

>So it seems that I can just follow
>the instructions to upgrade and I won't have bad surprises!

Right.  It should be a snap:

o download the new mcidasx780.tar.Z file to your 'mcidas' account
o download mcinstall and mcinet7.8.sh
o change the mode on mcinstall so that it is executable
o unpack 7.80:

  cd ~

o build the new distribution:

  cd mcidas7.8/src
  make mcx

o install the new distribution (assuming no build errors):

  make install.mcx

re: upgrading XCD requires some actions
>I don't have McIDAS-XCD, should I?

If you wanted to access IDD data decoded into McIDAS formats, yes.  If not,

>I use GEMPAK and WEATHER for my other needs.

At some point you may want to play around with the WXTLIST application
in McIDAS.  It gives you access to all of the textual bulletins that
come in NOAAPORT (sent through the IDD, of course).  The good news is
that you don't have to have this data locally.  You can simply point
at one of the cooperating servers (you are one for the METEOSAT data)
and away you go.  Here is an example:

DATALOC ADD RTWXTEXT papagayo.unl.edu

WXTLIST is full bodied enough that it is impossible to give you enough
examples to show its full power.

re: modified scripts in the distribution
>I only created shell scripts in my web account using mcenv. SO I do't have
>anything to worry it seems!

Right, I don't think that you do.

>Thanks a lot again,

You are welcome.  Let me know if you run into anything unexpected.


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