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20010816: MAP Error after image display from MCGUI (cont.)

>From: LDM <address@hidden>
>Organization: USU
>Keywords: 200108142053.f7EKr9112875 McIDAS-X 7.8


Sorry I couldn't respond to these sooner, but I have been out of town
since Wednesday morning.

>I have configured one general user account to use McIDAS, and the error
>checking problem from before (previouse emails included below) have appeared
>on the general user account.  They have not returned on the USER McIDAS
>account.  I tried runing the SYSVAL CHANGE 15 1 command as the user mcidas
>again, but it doesn't seem to help as I get the same errors when opperating
>the GUI as the general user.  Do you have any ideas?

Since the MCGUI continues to function correctly for the user 'mcidas', it
means that the System Key Table setting #15 is set correctly.  The fact
that the MAP MCOL= invocation run by the MCGUI is failing from the
user account, it must mean that the copy of SYSKEY.TAB that the user
account is pointing at is different from the one that the user 'mcidas'
is pointing at.  We can ascertain whether or not this is true by you
running the following from both the 'mcidas' and 'user' accounts:


If the user account is pointing to a different copy than the 'mcidas'
account, and if the user account _can_ point at the copy that the
'mcidas' account is pointing to (i.e., the user account has access to
the data directory, /var/data/mcidas (or is it in /var/data/xcd?) in
your case), you need to change where the user account is looking for
SYSKEY.TAB.  For instance, you could set a file REDIRECTion in the
user's McIDAS-X session by running:

REDIRECT ADD SYSKEY.TAB "/var/data/mcidas

If the DMAP SYSKEY.TAB listing shows that both the user and 'mcidas'
accounts are pointing to the same copy of SYSKEY.TAB, it means that the
user account can not read SYSKEY.TAB.  While a general user account
should never be able to write to SYSKEY.TAB, it always needs to be able
to read SYSKEY.TAB.

>From address@hidden Fri Aug 17 12:57:23 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010814: MAP Error after image display from MCGUI

>This is Josh at USU again.  I am still having problems with the keyword
>checking on general user accounts.  I have done a SYSVAL CHANGE 15 1
>command as the user McIDAS, but I still get numerous errors (and no
>mapping) when running MCGUI as a general user.  The wierd thing is the
>USER McIDAS doesn't have this problem, but the general user do.  What
>do I need to do to fix the general user accounts?

Please check the stuff above.  In one way or another, the user account
is not able to read the SYSKEY.TAB file that was updated by 'mcidas' from
the SYSVAL CHANGE 15 1 invocation.


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