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20010726: McIDAS-X display error on Linux 7.1

>From: Wayne Bresky <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200107261641.f6QGft109510 McIDAS f2c display


>The install of McIDAS 7.7 on my RH 7.1. machine appears to have gone
>off without a hitch.  However, when I try and test it I am getting just
>a text window with the error:
>mcimage:    couldn't get enough colors .......
>What can I do to correct this?

This sounds like you are running your X server in 8-bit mode and are
probably using Gnome.  In this case, there are no free colors available
to run McIDAS (or GEMPAK).  Since McIDAS can run in 24-bit mode, I would
recommend running Xconfigurator as 'root' on the workstation and set it
up to use 24-bit depth.  This is how I run at home, and it is very usable.
It is particularly nice in that I can run McIDAS and Netscape without
any problems (no flashing, etc.).

If you really need to stay in 8-bit mode for some reason, I suggest using
KDE instead of Gnome and configuring the desktop and tool bar widgets
to use only gray shades.  This will preserve as many display colors as
possible.  The Gnome option is, however, the one I use.

>Also, is there a prefered resolution
>setting for McIDAS I've run into problems before on LINUX machines and
>have noticed I can eliminate some of the errors simply by going to a
>higher resolution.  What can you tell me about that?

Are you referring to setting your X display to higher and higher
resolutions, or are you referring to running McIDAS with larger and
larger default image window sizes?  I have not seen a problem running
McIDAS at any screen sizes.  I have run McIDAS-X at resolutions from
480x640 up to 720x960 with no problems.  All of these tests have been
running in X sessions where the screen resolution was at least
1024x768.  I run my X server at 1024x1280 in 24-bit mode..

>Thanks for the help.

Please let me know if you were referring to some other resolution problem.


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