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With reuard to my previous question...I am looking for a way to do some
parameters from significant levels. 

First...I know how to find the value of the wet adiabt at some
level. I can use the temp and temp as the dew point (seeing it as
saturated). That is easy. But how can I find it at all the significant
levels between (say) 900mb and 600 mb. I can only use raobcon (or
raobplot) for mandatory levels. Can I use some program to find the highest
value of the desired number? I am sure I can by comparing two values then
trying another.

Also...To calculate LI from the upper air obs using the surface temp and
dew point, I figure I have to find the value of the parcel at 500mb. If I
tell McIDAS that theta-e of the surface is the value of this "theta-e at
500mb) if the temperature and dew point are the same, how do I do an
inverse "theta-e"?

Am I clear?


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