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20010623: McIDAS: Enhancement tables and stty problem with mcenv (cont.)

>From: Christian Page <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universite du Quebec a Montreal
>Keywords: 200106201031.f5KAVv116018 McIDAS ehancements


re: is LD_LIBRARY_PATH OK for your invocation of mcrun.sh
>Yes, LD_LIBRARY_PATH was set correctly. Maybe it has to do with the
.profile?  I will check that.

This should't matter.  C shell scripts will source environment definition
files (unless told not to); Bourne shell scripts shouldn't.

re: creating custom stretch tables
>Thanks for the info to create the bar in Celcius. It works and is easy to

Very good.

>Is it possible in bar.pgm to specify a new type, like TMPC for temps
>in celcius?

No, but this sounds like a good addition for the next release.


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