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20010619: NEXRAD server

>From:  Russ Dengel <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200106191811.f5JIB0110437 McIDAS-X NEXRAD server


>        I just found an "interesting" problem in the nexrad server when
>doing a ID=LIST. Operations here at SSEC has set the number of products
>per ID to 250. When we issue the command:
>We usually get a server timeout failure from the NEXRAD server. I assume
>that is because the machine is too slow to wade throught 250 products
>for ~150 stations.  The timeout is 2 minutes and on a rare occasion, the
>server does complete before the 2 minutes expires.

This was a common problem before I did one of my rewrites of my server,
but should be fixed now IF one files the data in a logical manner AND
then informs the server of the filing's use of the stations' IDs in
the hierarchy.

I would venture to guess that the problem on your system lies in how
the products are being filed or in how the access to the products has
been defined.  I say this because we save a full day's worth of data
for each station for each product on motherlode.ucar.edu  This means
that for a full day there can be up to 288 files for each station, and
the time to get a list of stations back from motherlode typically is in
the one to several seconds range.

If one does not setup the filing to be in a logical hierarchy, or if
one doesn't define the dataset access to explicitly tell the server
that the station ID is part of the hierarchy and/or name, then the
server has to open each file to find out what station the file
represents.  This would fit your observation that a timeout occurs when
trying to open, read to extract ID information, and then sort 150*250

So, the first place to look is in how the files are being saved.  The
second is in how the dataset is defined.

BTW, I _did_ find a bug in the listing of available stations when all
of the files and product types are put into a single directory (i.e.,
no hierarchy).  This problem results in a failure to list the available
stations, not in the slowness of listing them.  I will be updating the
CVS repository with my fix for this as soon as I get a chance to pretty
up some other code that irks me right at the moment.

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