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20010525: McIDAS-X 7.7 build problems (cont.)

>From: Jason Law <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200105161557.f4GFvVp11235


Sorry I couldn't back to you earlier, but I was involved in a conference
and then meetings all week.

>Jason Law from USF again.  I have McIDAS up and working to an
>extent.  I have been able to view area image files, but only using the DF
>command and not the IMGDISP command.  I am relatively certain the problem
>is due to problems with file redirections, I don't think McIDAS is able to
>find the data file I am specifying.  I went through the installation
>manual and followed the steps under Configuring the mcidas
>Account/Locating files in McIDAS.  However, I am uncertain what exactly
>needs to be changed in the LOCAL.NAM file after copying the EXAMPLE.NAM
>file.  The same holds for locatin ADDE datasets, I am not sure what to
>change in the file LSSERVE.BAT file.  What is meant by "cylinder
>number?"  I think once I get this straightened out I will be good to go.

Here goes.  If you are able to use DF to display one or more images, it
means that you make a link between the original file(s) (which are not
named using McIDAS AREA file naming conventions) and a valid AREA file
name(s).  You might have done something like:

cd whatever_directory_the_images_live_in
ln globir.98217.0045 AREA0001

At this point, and assuming that your McIDAS-X session can find
AREA0001 (through a file REDIRECTion or MCPATH), then you could use DF
to display the image.

You should also be able to display the image using the ADDE command
IMGDISP _if_ you have setup a dataset that contains this image.  You
would do this like:

DSSERVE ADD MYDATA/IMAGES AREA 1 9999 "All images in AREA format with AREA 

After doing this, you should be able to run:


Setting up a dataset to access the imagery, however, does not require
that you do the links between your original file names and valid AREA
file names.  Here is an example:

1) assume that your images exist in a directory named /data/mcidas/images
   (NOTE: the directory is not important; the idea is)

2) create an ADDE dataset that can find the images and display them:

DSSERVE ADD GLOBCOMP/IR AREA DIRFILE=/data/mcidas/images/globir* "All images 
named globir that are in AREA file format

Now, the following should work:

SAT 1'

Arlene, who is sitting right here next to me, says to come and visit
her next week sometime if you are still having problems.

We did the above procedures and looked at an image you told Arlene to FTP
on Tuesday.  Everything worked fine.


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