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20010515: Unidata McIDAS-X 7.705>>Nice Job!!

Hey Guys and Gals:

You all certainly did a nice job on 7.705!!!

On or about May 3, our machine cirrus.smsu.edu, host for the Unidata
suite, consumed its system disk.  So I utilized an underutilized AIX
4.2 box, cumulus.smsu.edu, and downloaded Mcidas 7.705 on
Thursday/Friday (May 11).  It installed almost flawlessly, and I had it
hitting your ADDE server within hours of a final build.  First time
ever, no consultation from you folks necessary!  Outstanding job!

The only small problem I had was the makefile in the jpeg subdirectory
always wanted to tell me to build jconfig.h, even though ./configure
had already done that.  I simply commented out the exit command.

Thanks again.


Dr. William T. Corcoran
Geography, Geology, and Planning
Southwest Missouri State University
901 S. National
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 836-5781   http://cirrus.smsu.edu

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