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20010508: 20010401: creating a mosaic in McIDAS (cont.)

>From: address@hidden (Chris Hennon)
>Organization: Ohio State
>Keywords: 200102121741.f1CHf4L28141 McIDAS mosaic IMGREMAP


>Thanks for your successful diagnoses of the time change problem I had.

No problem.

>After having to reinstall my operating system after a hacker attack, I
>have been working to finalize my GEWCOMP2 script to composite my images.
>When I run the program today, I get several warnings that I haven't seen
>before when I ran the script:
>Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 1449992                          
>IMGREMAP: transformations complete ... begin data move                 
>IMGREMAP: Data service module problem, RC= -1                          
>IMGREMAP: Local interface module cannot be found                       
>IMGREMAP: Failed to open connection to put destination image           
>IMGREMAP failed, RC=1                                                  

This appears as though one of the routines needed in the remap was not
successfully built.  I recommend CDing to the ~mcidas/bin directory and
doing a long list looking for zero-length files.  When you find one (or
more), you will need to remake the executable and re-"install" it:

cd ~mcidas/bin
ls -alt | more
<find the modules that are zero-length>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.7/src
rm <list of modules that were zero-length in the ~mcidas/bin directory>
make <list of modules that were zero-length in the ~mcidas/bin directory>
ln <list of modules that were zero-length in the ~mcidas/bin directory> ~/bin

>Seems pretty serious, but the script completes in what appears to be a
>normal fashion (i.e. I get the composited image I want and it looks good).


>I was just curious if you knew what was giving me that warning, if I
>should pay attention to it, and what steps I should take if any to resolve
>it.  Thanks.

The message is serious, but obviously not to the successful completion
of your task.  If I was you, I would still find the missing/zero-length
module(s) and rebuild them.


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