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20010423: UACROSS Error#2 (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200104201654.f3KGsIL13905 McIDAS-X UACROSS STNDB.CORE


>i do not see drawmap.for in pub/mcidas/src

It is there and has the permissions needed for you to grab it:

/home/ftp/pub/mcidas/src% ls
drawmap.for       ncgentab.c        tmp/              cimssenh.tar.Z
uacross.pgm       giniadde.tar.Z    frntdisp.pgm      CIMSADDE.BAT
vpserv.cp         maknav.pgm        front.pgm         area.doc
mcmenu.c          makearea.pgm      addeinfo.pgm      area2.doc
profsect.pgm      slong.for         mapurx.for        CIMSS.BAT
mcinet7.7.sh      u0eraseg.for      uwgrid.pgm        mclinux.list
kbxnexr.dlm       u0frtime.for      osf17704.tar.Z
kbxnids.dlm       u0newcol.for      osf17704.list
ncgenyy.c         u0drwmap.for      idinfrmdir.list

/home/ftp/pub/mcidas/src% ls -alt drawmap.for 
-rw-r--r--   1 mcidas   ustaff     39563 Apr 23 11:40 drawmap.for

>mapurx.for is dated feb 23. is this correct version?

Yes.  I compared this version against the one in my distribution hierarchy
and verified that they are identical.


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