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20010403: creating a mosaic in McIDAS (cont.)

>From: address@hidden (Chris Hennon)
>Organization: Ohio State
>Keywords: 200102121741.f1CHf4L28141 McIDAS mosaic IMGREMAP


>Thanks - after playing around a little bit with the script I got exactly
>what I needed in the finished product.  The mosaic looks great.  I
>remapped it into a rectangular projection and put some latlon lines on it.
>I attached a gif in case you would like to hang it up in the Unidata Hall
>of Fame.  

Looks good!

You do, however, see the effect of merging imagery from two different
observing platforms: there is a distinct shift in brightness at the
intersection.  If this kind of things is distracting, you can run the
images to be composited through a histogram equalization.  This may
make the composte look more uniform across the field of view, but, then
again, you would be changing data values.  If you are interested in
playing with this, check out the STRetch= keyword on IMGFILT.

Again, looking good!


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