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20010319: McIDAS on DELL Inspiron 7000 running Linux

>From: Arlene Laing <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of South Florida
>Keywords: 200103192313.f2JNDYL28505 McIDAS


>Thanks for upgrading McIDAS on my laptop.

You are certainly welcome.

>It's great to have FKey access
>to the Radar especially since it started to really rain here for the first
>time since the fall.

How timely can you get :-)

>I would like to save the images for use in my class
>but the "svgif" command is not found.  What happened to that command?

SVGIF was removed from Unidata McIDAS-X 7.7.  Instead of SVGIF, you should
use the much more versitile commmand FRMSAVE.  FRMSAVE allows you to save
the frame contents in GIF (tm), PPM, JPEG, PostScript (tm), and  color
PostScript formats.

>I miss something in the announcement of the new version?

This is in the 7.7 Release Notes:


>What is an
>easy way to do a quick save for transfer to other graphic formats?

Check out the online help for FRMSAVE:


The other way to get help is:

o click on the Help dropdown in the MCGUI
o select McIDAS Programs
o scroll the list on the left hand side of the widget that pops up until
  FRMSAVE is visible
o double click on the FRMSAVE link


Talk to you later...


>From address@hidden Mon Mar 19 16:36:21 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010319: McIDAS on DELL Inspiron 7000 running Linux


Thanks for the information on saving frames in various graphics
formats.  Sorry I didn't pay more careful attention to the release notes.


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