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20010308: FW: NIDS annotation wish-list

>From: "Hoeth, Brian" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/Johnson Space Center
>Keywords: 200103082224.f28MOdL20711 NEXRAD Level III BAR annotation


Russ won't be back in the office until Monday, so I will bite this one
off from my perspective.

>I was just wondering if either of you were going to pursue putting more
>annotation (i.e. including which mode the radar is in, etc.) on the NEXRAD
>RADAR images?  I guess the last we heard was that Tom was working on

Hmm... there seems to be a gap in communication here.  The version of
BAR that I distribute has always had an enhanced annotation mode in
it.  You may not like it as much as the examples you included from
other displays, but it is there.  The following is an example of what
the annotation is like:


The BAR invocation to get this is:


I am uncertain if the latest SSEC version of BAR removed this capability
or just removed its documentation.

My display does include the which mode the radar is operating in and
things like the starting and ending days/times for the Storm Total
Precipitation product, but it does not include a lot of the other stuff
that I never knew was important.  Exactly which of the annotations in
the examples you sent do you find important (and which are fluff)?


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