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20010228: converting Met-5 IR data to brightness temps

>From: Timothy Lang <address@hidden>
>Organization: Harvard
>Keywords: 200102282029.f1SKTZL12770 McIDAS-X METEOSAT calibaration


Sorry I couldn't get to this before today.

>I recently have obtained a number of PDUS-format IR data files from SSEC,
>at the University of Wisconsin, for Meteosat-5 over the Indian Ocean (year
>2000). I am interested in converting these data to brightness 
>temperatures.  I was referred to you by SSEC for assistance in 
>accomplishing this.  Are there equations available for converting
>Meteosat-5 IR data to brightness temperatures, and if so what are they or
>where can I find them?  Thanks.

You were most likely referred to us since Harvard does not get McIDAS-X
from SSEC, but can from Unidata.

McIDAS-X is setup to do the conversion from PDUS raw to brightness
temperature conversion that you are after.  Extracting the method that
it uses for doing the conversion would be significantly harder for us
than getting you setup to use McIDAS directly.

I can send you the McIDAS Fortran routine that does the calibration, but
I must warn you that its form is very McIDAS-centric and, therefore,
not obvious.

Please let me know if you would prefer to get setup to use McIDAS itself
or if you would like to try and slog your way through McIDAS calibration
code to see if you can extract the information you seek.

>Timothy Lang
>Harvard University

Tom Yoksas

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