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20010305: McIDAS-X MCGUI

>From: "Patrick O'Reilly" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UNI
>Keywords: 200103051553.f25FrBL20658 McIDAS-X MCGUI


>I am a support scientist at the University of Northern Iowa, and am
>trying to get McIDAS-X 7.7 up and running.  We haven't had any success
>with the Unidata GUI, and then found that it isn't configured to use
>ADDE yet.

Right.  This is one of the jobs I have on my list for the 7.8 release.

>I just wanted to confirm this.  Also, I noticed that version
>7.8 may have the capability of using the MCGUI with ADDE.  What is the
>timeline for the release of version 7.8 of McIDAS-X?

I should get the SSEC distribution of 7.8 at the end of May.  I hope
to be able to make the Unidata modifications to this distribution and
release it by mid July.

>Thanks for your help!

The Fkey menu has mostly been ADDEized, and then next Unidata McIDAS-X
addendum will take a couple more steps in that direction.  I should be
announcing the availability of the 7.705 addendum by the end of this week.
Since Alan is on the mcidas-x email list, he will get the notification
of the availability of the new addendum.

Tom Yoksas

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