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20010228: MCIDAS-X 7.7 RAOB cross sections (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200102221913.f1MJDPL26671 McIDAS-X 7.7x XSECT XSECTG mapurx.for


>>touch mapurx.for
>>make xsect.k xsectg.k
>>rm ~/bin/xsect.k ~/bin/xsectg.k
>>ln xsect.k xsectg.k

>Guess I am making lots of trouble for you today.  I tried the 2nd
>solution you describe above,  thought I followed it correctly, and
>everything executed ok, but when finished, I cannot plot a xsection.

This one is MY fault.  The last line above is incomplete!  It should
have read:

ln xsect.k xsectg.k ~/bin

What happened was that a hard link was made between xsect.k and xsectg.k
in the ~mcidas/mcidas7.7/src directory.  What needed to happen was
to build new xsect.k and xsectg.k executables and link then to the
~mcidas/bin directory.  My screwup, sorry!

>This is using MCGUI, Display, ...  everything default for raob xsection.
>Using MCIDAS ver. 7.704, just downloaded it this morning.
>I just get a blank image window.

This was because there was no xsect.k or xsectg.k in ~mcidas/bin on pileus.

>I thought there was a way to get the
>command status from commands executed by the gui, but could not find it, 
>so I don't know what the problem might be.    We do have data, since 
>I can get a xsection on another machine, but with the problem of the 
>inset map still there.
>Any hints?

Shoot me now!

I took you up on your offer of getting on pileus (I had to go through
waldo since pileus.stcloudstate.edu was not a recognized host from
my sessions here at Unidata).  To correct the problem I caused, I did
the following:

cd mcidas7.7/src
rm xsect.k xsectg.k xsect.o xsectg.o
make xsect.k xsectg.k
ln xsect.k xsectg.k ~/bin

Now there are viable executables where they should be.


Sorry for the previous bad advice.


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