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20010218: JPEG from frame contents (cont.)

>From: Jason Allard <address@hidden>
>Organization: Penn State University
>Keywords: 200102160750.f1G7oaL06811 McIDAS FRMSAVE


>Thank you for the information... this seems to be what I want... however,
>I can't get mcidas to save it as a jpeg, only a gif, ppm, or bmp (my software
>won't open a ppm, whatever that is).  Could this be because I'm running
>version 7.6?

Yes.  JPEG output was added in 7.7.

>Unfortunately, the quality of the image when I save out as a gif or bmp
>is somewhat poor.  I'm hoping that I can get a higher quality image file.

GIF (tm) and BMP save frames in 8-bit format (this is a GIF and BMP thing,
not a McIDAS thing).  To save frames using full color, you must use ppm.
The ppm format is supported by a wide variety of image display applications
like XV, ImageMagic, et.c

>Thanks for the help,

You are welcome.


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