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20010216: GRDINFO bug?

>From: Anthony James Wimmers <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200102162217.f1GMHtL06121 McIDAS-X GRDINFO


>I'm trying to use GRDINFO on version 7.6, and it won't show
>me more than one of the levels I ask for. Here's an example:
>GRDINFO LG.299 LIST ROW=34 COL=41 PAR=Z  LEV=150 200 250 FTIME=22
>Listing data from Z    Grid at 150 MB   from MAPS at 220000 UTC on 2000121
>                          from dataset: LG
>    Row    Col    Latitude    Longitude    Value         Units  Level
>    34      41      39.666     106.018   0.1382600E+05    GPM  150  MB   Z
>GRDINFO Done, Number of grids listed=1
>GRDINFO - done

You should add the NUM= keyword sequence.  If you don't only one
match will be returned.

>And here you can see none of those three levels are missing:
>GRDLIST LG.299 NUM=ALL PAR=Z LEV=150 200 250
>Dataset position 299    Directory Title=
>PAR    LEVEL       DAY        TIME    SRC FHOUR     FDAY       FTIME  GRID
>---- --------- ------------ -------- ---- ----- ------------ --------
>----- ----
>Z     150 MB   30 APR 00121 22:00:00 MAPS     0 30 APR 00121 22:00:00
>Z     200 MB   30 APR 00121 22:00:00 MAPS     0 30 APR 00121 22:00:00
>Z     250 MB   30 APR 00121 22:00:00 MAPS     0 30 APR 00121 22:00:00
>Number of grids listed = 3
>GRDLIST - done
>Do you know why this is? Thanks,

Your second GRDLIST example shows that there are three grids and that
the first one is the one at 150 mb.  If you add NUM=3 to your first
GRDLIST invocation, you will get values back for each of the grids listed
in the second example.


>From address@hidden Sun Feb 18 07:31:26 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010216: GRDINFO bug? 

Yep, that did it. Thanks!

Tony Wimmers                           address@hidden
Department of Environmental Science, University of Virginia

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