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20010216: 7.704 upgrade and NEXRAD ADDE configuration (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200102151852.f1FIq6L29876 McIDAS-X 7.704 NEXRAD NOWrad


re: I made the changes
>OK. Glad I'm not loopy! Oh, wait. From the medicine. Riggghhht. :-)

re: problem with RedHat 6.x,7.x and ADDE sounding servicing
>Well, the 2.4 kernel from Redhat is coming out in a few weeks, according
>to the website. Maybe it will fix itself?

Nope, we have already tried (inadvertantly) the 2.4 kernel (beta) on
a machine at UNC Ashville.

re: you not having setup NEXRAD ADDE services yet

re: setup NEXRAD and NOWrad (tm)
>Ummm...wait a minute. *Who* can access my NOWrad(tm) data? I don't want
>the whole world getting at that...how do I control this?

To control the set of users that are allowed access to the RTNOWRAD
data, you should edit ~mcidas/NIUNOWR.CFG and





For instance, if you wanted to allow all machines from the 128.117.140
subdomain (Unidata :-), you would set IPMASK to:



re: how to check access to your own data.

re: Hope you don't mind the mods...
>Someone logging in to do an improvement on my machine? Someone awesome?
>Hey, you'll get no complaints from the peanut gallery here! :-) Thanks
>Tom! All your help is *greatly* appreciated!!!

You are welcome.  Please let me know if you run into anything unexpected.


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