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20010210: ADDE server questions and McIDAS minor "bug" (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200101101820.f0AIK8o23587 McIDAS ADD web

re: /home/data/wsr88d/\ID/\TYPE/

>I did it slightly differently. I divided them up by directory, but NOT by
>product. Is that OK?

Yes, that is fine.  The thing that gives the real speed up is the separation
by station ID.

re: NIDS scouring script available in pub/ldm5
>OK, I will do that. Then, if this is OK, we can get the NIDS stuff working
>on the ADDE server!

This will speed things up for you at the minimum.  If you think you
may be wanting to access all of the products from a station that you
are not receiving, then I would advise you to create the ADDE dataset
on your machine using a name that is different from the one that allows
access to systems like adde.ucar.edu (i.e., use something other than
RTNEXRAD).  This will give you the flexibility of accessing either
set without having to change DATALOCs.


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