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20010207: batch.k problem in McIDAS-X 7.7x

>From: Unidata McIDAS <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200102071732.f17HW4L24435 McIDAS-X batch


>The default installation for the McIDAS7.7 package 
>appears to have a corrupt file in it.
>The batch.k file is usually a script, and
>the one in the distribution is some binary format.

The version of batch.k that is a script is the one in the ldm-mcidas
package.  It is used in LDM initiated ROUTE PostProcessing as a 
substitute for the "real" batch.k, the one that gets built in
the McIDAS distribution.  The reason for having the script at all
is so that sites do not have to configure their 'ldm' accounts with
any McIDAS stuff.  The batch.k script gets put into a directory in
the 'ldm's PATH, and then it sets some McIDAS environment variables
and eventually run the "real" batch.k, the one in ~mcidas/bin.

>This is found in two released versions I
>downloaded on Jan 19 and Feb 7 (2001).
>This appears to be causing problems
>with composite imagery and Topo composites.

I would suspect that the script that should be used for the PostProcessing
was not copied into a directory in the ~ldm hierarchy.  I recommend
that the script gets copied into a directory like ~ldm/decoders and
then get edited in place (edited to set the McIDAS environment variables
and PATH which has as its first directory the ~mcidas/bin directory where
the real batch.k is located).

>       Is there a corrected version somewhere?

There is no problem with the distriubtion.l

>I attempted to substitute a 7.6 version batch.k
>but I think some of the workarounds I was trying
>"hosed" the installation. Soo, I'm reinstalling
>from scratch.

You didn't have to reinstall.  What you need to do is:

o get the batch.k script from the ldm-mcidas distribution (in the bin
  directory in binary distributions; in the src/decode directory in
  source distributions)

o copy that script to a directory like ~ldm/decoders (or ~ldm/util) that
  is in the PATH for your 'ldm' user

o edit that script and set the McIDAS environment variables to match
  your McIDAS-X installation

>Please mail responses to:
>               address@hidden

Will do.

>I'm currently in a lab and do not often access mail here.


Are you running all of this on a Linux machine?  I ask because I am
troubleshooting a problem that has emerged while running
soundings/hodographs on any machine but accessing data hosted on a
remote ADDE server running on Linux.  The problem consumed my day
yesterday, and I am no closer to a solution than when I started.  I am
attempting to ascertain whether the problem I am seeing is a 7.0 Linux
one; a Linux one in general; or an error in McIDAS that only comes to
light on Linux.  Since you are known to be well versed in Linux, I
seek your advice!

>James D. Marco
>System Admin, Programmer/Analyst
>Cornell University

Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Wed Feb  7 11:17:47 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010207: batch.k problem in McIDAS-X 7.7x

        OK. I missed the batch.k difference in the last go-round.
I am installing a new McIDAS server for student stuff.  The old one
is faltering under heavy loads running the Map Room and MAD Lab
(Meteorological and Atmospheric Data Lab). And I need to upgrade to
RH 7.x this summer, soo, the two will bootstrap each other.

        Thanks for the fix with the batch.k.  Typically, lack of 
understanding on my part. I just hosed the new install, too. Well,
the a new build will take care of it.

        Soundings/hodographs: Yup. All Linux, a curse and a blessing.
I can check the old 7.6 installation from last summer.  Actually,
you can access the mcidas stuff from there, I think.  I think the
wrappers are open to your machines. Send along your IP's and I will 
insure it is.  Standard Unidata password for user mcidas...feel free.
        I will get back to you after some checks in the lab. 

>From address@hidden Wed Feb  7 12:13:04 2001

        OK. There seems to be a problem on the old version of Mcidas 7.6
on RH 6.2, also.  I get no data displayed...meteograms are OK. 
        Wrappers are open to you:
                128.117.140.xxx   (ucar) 
                128.117.68.xxx  (ucar)
                use the mcidas account at the XXXXXX 

        Feel free to test it here.  I am not sure if the configs are
set up.  I never use this, obviously.
        I will need to check this on the new stuff, anyway, soo, I'll make it 
a point to look at that stuff.
                                                Thanks again!

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