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20010206: starting SSEC McIDAS XCD decoders through pqact

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universal Weather and Aviation
>Keywords: 200102061637.f16GbEX01048 McIDAS LDM XCD


>We are running SSEC-McIDAS 7.704 and now have an LDM running on our
>NOAAPORT ingestor.  Is there any reason why we can't kick off the XCD
>processes through pqact.conf as Unidata does?

Not that I know of.  In fact, I believe that this is how SSEC runs
their NOAAPORT ingest system.

>There is an LDM running
>on the McIDAS server that is sending the NOAAPORT stream to GEMPAK

It should work for XCD as well.

>This would make our start-up processes and feeds cleaner by having
>one source.

I agree.

Just for interest, what kind of a NOAAPORT reception system do you
have?  How many channels are you getting?

I don't suppose that Universal would allow Unidata sites free ADDE
access to GINI imagery and XCD decoded data, or would you? :-)




>From address@hidden Tue Feb  6 13:28:52 2001
>Subject: Re: 20010206: starting SSEC McIDAS XCD decoders through pqact

Thanks Tom,

We have a two-channel SSEC ingestor getting the GINI sat imagery and
the text/binary.  It's the standard SSEC Gateway PC.  We also have a
Goes-8 GVAR ingestor and possibly a GOES-10 as well.  I'll have to
check on the access..one problem is machine capability..we're pretty
maxed out now and the big firewall everything is behind.  I will
definitely check though.

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