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20010123: McIDAS-X display on DEC OSF/1 console; xdpyinfo results

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200101031328.f03DSuo12756 McIDAS-X X display visual CIRCLE


I got our aged DEC OSF/1 machine up and built the latest incarnation of
my McIDAS distribution on it.  I was able to get some time to crank up
McIDAS from the system console (our office is in complete shambles
while trying to move back in), but I could not reproduce a red tinted
McIDAS image window, nor could I reporduce a red flash from the console
when logging off.

X on our DEC Alpha is running in 8-bit mode (the video card does not
support any more), so I can not run it in a mode that simulates your
build machine.

Since these machines are in a secure environment, I can't logon to
either of them (true?).  As you might guess, this will _really_ make
troubleshooting the problem difficult.  My only thought is to touch
base with the other two sites I have that use OSF/1 and see if they
have any ideas and/or have seem anything similar to what you are

It might be helpful in the long run to get the specifics from you about
what video cards you are using in your machines.

I will check with my system administrator to see if he can find out if
there are needed system patches for your revision of the OS:

uname -a = OSF1 nimbus V4.0 1229 alpha


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