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20010119: Mcidas, importing foreign datasets

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200012301857.eBUIvlo29945 McIDAS-X 7.7x ADDE motherlode


>I dunno if maybe you put the information out on the web on
>importing foreign data sets since we last chatted, but I 
>just found EXACTLY what I was looking for...on reading data
>sets in and creating MD files.  So I'm serviced.

Actually, I havn't had a chance to look for the information yet.  I
am glad to hear that you found what you need.

>I searched
>the web documentation for eta (was looking for list of variables
>in the eta model) and the word >meta< got flagged by your
>search engine...and there's a boatload of metas in html pages,
>but low and behold, as I scrolled (looking for ETA), here was
>the info on foreign data sets.  Even a blind pig finds a truffle
>now and again.  Thanks if you did, thanks if you didn't.

Hey, I'll take a thanks any day :-)


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