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20010117: Mcidas, GINI and FRNTDISP

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200012301857.eBUIvlo29945 McIDAS-X 7.7x ADDE motherlode


>Here's an interesting item, not earth-shaking, but interesting..
>when I try to overlay a FRNTDISP on a 1km GINI, I get an error:
>(very nice image)
>FRNTDISP - Begin                                                              
>FRNTDISP: RASTER SCAN LIST OVERFLOW                                           

Hmm...  I have never seen this error message before.  Does this happen
every time, or does it happen in a session that keeps running?

>Other than that, I'm lovin' the heck out of your ADDE server.

Super, glad to hear it!

>Which got me back to an old project of using 'foreign data sets'
>with mcidas.  Years ago when I took one of the mcidas classes,
>we did a little exercise where we ftp's some data (mesonet I think)
>then alerted mcidas to a particular SCHEMA, and somehow read this
>data into a mcidas MD file.


>I even have the Ap. Prog. Ref. manual,
>but (I'm embarassed) seem to have lost the handout pages on how
>to accomplish this exercise.  As far as I can tell, this material
>is not in your web documentation..., although the reference is
>there in the training material on the web.  Would it be possible
>(without too much hassle on your part) to get the handouts from
>that part of the course?

Sure, if I can find them.

>I'm finally at the point where I would
>like to import some climatologic data and use mcidas as my mapping
>tool.  And if it is a hassle, don't bother.  I'll just sign up
>for the next training session.

I will root around for the info (it does exist in a simple to email form)
when I get back to Boulder (I am currently at the AMS meeting in


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