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20010118: MCGUI has not been ADDEized yet

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200101181545.f0IFjCe16030 McIDAS-X MCGUI


>Hopefully this is a quick question.
>I'm using pnga2area to decode satellite imagery directly into the Garp
>directory structure.  In McIDAS I used DSSERVE and DIRFILE to point to
>the data.  This works great and I can display the imagery from the
>command line using IMGDISP.  However I can not see the images in
>McGUI.  How do I get McGUI to be able  see this data?

The bad news is that the MCGUI has not yet been ADDEized. Its transformation
is slated to begin after I get back from the AMS conference (answering
this from the SSEC booth).

The Fkey menu, on the other hand, has been ADDEized so you can use it
to access image data off of ADDE servers.


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