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20010112: McIDAS decluttering

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200101122341.f0CNfAo19659 McIDAS MDX declutter


>Thanks for the last response. Here is a new question...
>I plotted SPC WIN USA and got a lot of wind barbs....there seemed to be no
>declutter put on the image.
>When I tried SPC SPD USA I had no problem reading the default
>(DECLUT=YES) image.
>Do you know what is up?

Wind barbs are never decluttered.  Other fields are decluttered if DECLUT is
not NO, but are not decluttered if LSIZE= is specified to be less than 5.

By the way, SPC and the other MDX macros will be removed from the next
Unidata distribution of McIDAS along with MDX.  It would be a good idea
to transition away from them and towards use of the newer ADDE routines
like SFCPLOT as you get time.


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