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20010112: mcidas compilation fails at stnplot.k link (cont.)

>From: address@hidden (Chris Hennon)
>Organization: Ohio State University
>Keywords: 200101091723.f09HNjo18254 McIDAS-X build


>I tried to restart the make twice, and it failed each time with the same
>error.  I'm using the cc and f77 compilers in:

This doesn't tell us which version of the compiler(s) you are using.
Please tell me the results of:

cc -V


f77 -V

>It is possible that I am not completely up to date with patches and
>updates, though I am not grossly outdated.

Yes, this is possible.  Again, the bus error is caused by the compiler
and/or loader, not by the McIDAS code:

f77: Fatal error in ld: Bus Error

I guess that you might check to see which version of the loader/linker
you are using:

which ld

On Sun Solaris systems, this should be the one in /usr/ccs/bin.


Let's find out which versions of the compilers and loader you are using.
If this all looks good, you will have to investigate upgrading your
compilation/link environment to the latest patch levels.  I would ask
our system administrator to scope this out, but he is not in today.


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