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20010110: McIDAS 7.7 Upgrade Problem

>From: Michael Keables <address@hidden>
>Organization: Geography Dept, University of Denver
>Keywords: 200101102035.f0AKZPo29393 McIDAS-X 7.7x


Happy New Year to you also!

>I've just finished the McIDAS 7.70 upgrade on cyclone.natnet.du.edu and
>I'm having problems displaying the image data.

Displaying the imagery how?  What exactly did you run; from what machine(s)
did you run it; what user were you logged in as when you ran it?

>The ROUTE table shows
>that all images are current, but the only images I can display are
>those from 19Z yesterday (when I began the McIDAS-X upgrade; I upgraded
>McIDAS-XCD this morning.)

Logged in as 'mcidas' (I took the liberty), I can list and display
the various images from a MCGUI invocation.  I was also able to plot
and coutour surface data with no apparent problems..

Hmm...  I did the following in the 'mcidas' account to make the REDIRECTions
in ~mcidas/workdata/LWPATH.NAM ordered:

cd ~mcidas/data
redirect.k ADD LWPATH.NAM \".

It was after this that I ran my tests.

>The surface and raob point data are current
>and I can plot them without incident; it seems to be the image data
>types that I can't display.

Hmm...  Perhaps the redirect.k action above fixed up your REDIRECTions
to the point that they would work.  This doesn't make sense to me,
however, since I was able to list the data before doing this, and
I could see the newer images.

>I've checked all of the data paths and I think that they're set up
>properly...I'm stumped.

Things did seem to be setup correctly, so aside from the redirect.k
stuff above, I don't have a clue unless this was done from a different


If the problem is with a different account, I suggest trying the
redirect.k action above (in the ~user/mcidas/data directory for that

>Thanks in advance!

No problem.  Please keep me posted.


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