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20010104: NEXRAD in SSEC McIDAS-X 7.704 (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200101031328.f03DSuo12756 McIDAS-X nexradir nexraget


>thanks for the info. I downloaded the compressed file and was surprised to
>see that it was only 214Kb. I am onsure if i still need to download from
>ssec the 7.704 files or if your file is all i need. Can you clarify?

The compressed tar file I put together contains only those files that
needed modifications for OSF/1 that were not included in the SSEC
7.704 Fastrack.

The sequence of events would be:

o you grab the SSEC 7.704 Fastrack and unpack it
o you grab my file and put it in the mcidas7.704 directory (my previous
  email said mcidas7.7; this was in error)
o unpack my file from the mcidas7.704 directory; this will overwrite
  the files in the mcidas7.704/src and mcidas7.704/data directories that
  need updating for OSF/1
o cd src
  make all
  make install.all

>From address@hidden Thu Jan  4 05:58:48 2001
>Subject: RE: 20010103: NEXRAD in SSEC McIDAS-X 7.704 (cont.)

>also note that i am currently running mcidas 7.6 on the Alphas. I never
>upgraded to 7.7 since i was awaiting the unidata version. It sounds like
>from the web page i need to perform additional steps if i am going to
>upgrade from 7.6 to 7.704 OSF1 version.

I guess that I was under the impression that you were going to grab and
test out the SSEC 7.704 Fastrack.  Since the Fastrack contains a full
release, and since I had earlier indicated that I thought that it was
ready to go as far as OSF/1 was concerned, I only put together the set
of files that were needed to upgrade 7.704 to work on OSF/1.

I will be upgrading my 7.7x distribution today with all of the 7.704
Fastrack mods that are not already in my version (again, most of the
7.704 mods were the result of collaborative development efforts between
myself and Russ Dengel of SSEC, and my release contains all of the
Fastrack mods previous to 7.704). You can grab and install this
distribution if you like either late today or tomorrow.

I am including your last email to Russ Dengel for our tracking system.
The onlyc comment I have is that you do not have to upgrade to 7.7
before upgrading to 7.704.  You do, however, have to pay attention to
the significant changes in 7.7x since 7.6x.  Given your situation, it
may be simplier for you to grab the Unidata 7.7x release and install it
later today or tomorrow.

As a final note, both Russ and I will be going to AMS, so we can get
together there to hash over any issues that remain in your upgrade

>From address@hidden Thu Jan  4 07:11:23 2001
>To: "'address@hidden'" <address@hidden>
>Cc: "Loftus, Maryellen E." <address@hidden>,
>   "'Unidata Support'" <address@hidden>
>Subject: TASC mcidas upgrades

>Hi Russ,

>Hope all is well. Mary Ellen and I are going to attempt to do the following:

>1) Upgrade our NoaaPort box to Mcidas 7.704 Fastrack from mcidas 7.7
>2) Upgrade our NoaaPort box Mcidas-XCD with the nextrad addendum

>My BIG concern on the noaaport box is disk space. HOw do i keep all this
>nextrad data from filling up the disk which is only 9 gig.
>Chad had set up a crontab which removes the GRID data and others products on
>a daily basis. I would assume we would modify this crontab (which i can
>email to you) to do this. Anyway how do we prevent this data from filling up
>our disk.

>We are running Mcidas on DEC-ALPHAS which you do not support but Tom Yoskas
>at unidata does. He has been giving us versions which run on our alphas. We
>never upgraded our alphas from mcidas 7.6 to mcidas 7.7 and now we want to
>upgrade to 7.704 Fastrack, however, i read somewhere that essentially we
>have to upgrade to 7.7 first. Is this true. Tom has made available to me a
>7.704 Fastrack version which will run on the ALPHAs but i am concerned that
>i need to be at 7.7 to begin with which means i would have to obtain this
>version from him first.

>Can you give me some feedback on these issues.

>thanks, Randy

>will you be attending AMS?

>Dr. Randall J. Alliss
>Senior Meteorologist
>4801 Stonecroft Blvd
>Chantilly,VA 20151
>703-633-8300 x4002


>From address@hidden Thu Jan  4 10:35:50 2001
>Subject: RE: 20010104: NEXRAD in SSEC McIDAS-X 7.704 (cont.) 


i will wait then until i here from you that the 7.7x release is available
later today or tomorrow.
To recap: this will allow me to upgrade mcidas on the OSF1 from 7.6 to 7.704
thus allowing me to view  nexrad data.



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