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20010103: McIDAS 7.7, NGM-UW and MRF-UW products

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES
>Keywords: 200101032059.f03Kxto05634 McIDAS ADDE DSSERVE


>I can not find out where do we specify Number of Position for NGM-UW and
>MRF-UW products (generated bu cron job uwgrid.sh).  DSINFO shows 2.  Bot
>I specify 10 in the ROUTE table:
>cumulus:[70]% dsinfo.k GRID RTGRIDS
>        Dataset Names of Type: GRID  in Group: RTGRIDS
>Name         NumPos   Content
>------------ ------   --------------------------------------
>ALL            620    Real-Time Grids
>AVN            100    Real-Time AVN Grids
>ECMWF           10    Real-Time ECMWF Grids
>ETA            120    Real-Time ETA Grids
>MDR             10    Real-Time MDR Grids
>MISC            10    Other Real-Time Grids
>MRF            100    Real-Time MRF Grids
>MRF-UW           2    MRF Grids in UW stream
>NGM             40    Real-Time NGM Grids
>NGM-UW           2    NGM Grids in UW stream
>RUC             80    Real-Time RUC Grids
>DSINFO -- done
>cumulus:[71]% route.k LIST
>S Pd         Description         Range       Last      Received  Post Process C
>- -- ------------------------- --------- ------------ ---------- ------------ -
>  NF Global Initialization Gri  101-110  GRID0101     01003 1830 GLOBAL.BAT   1
>  NG Early Domestic Products      1-10       none        none    ADDGRID.BAT  3
>route.k: Done

The ADDE RTGRIDS listing from dsinfo.k above reflects how the dataset was
setup on your server.  In your case, it was set to only see two of the ten
files that are being created by UWGRID invocations on your machine.

To see the dataset setup, use the DSSERVE command:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
dsserve.k LIST RTGRIDS

In this listing, you will probably see something like:

RTGRIDS/MRF-UW           GRID  GRID 101-102          MRF Grids in UW stream
RTGRIDS/NGM-UW           GRID  GRID 1-2              NGM Grids in UW stream

In order to change this setup so that all 10 of each type of GRID files
can be accessed, you should run:

DSSERVE ADD RTGRIDS/MRF-UW        GRID  101  110 RT=NO  "MRF Grids in UW stream
DSSERVE ADD RTGRIDS/NGM-UW        GRID    1   10 RT=NO  "NGM Grids in UW stream

If you followed the web page recommendations for XCD configuration, at some
point you would have:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd data

If you have the LSSERVE.BAT copy of DSSERVE.BAT, I would recommend that
you edit it and change the RTGRIDS/MRF-UW and RTGRIDS/NGM-UW lines to read
like the example above.  After making the change, you can use BATCH
to make the settings active:

cd ~mcidas/workdata

After this, your dsinfo.k listing for RTGRIDS/MRF-UW and RTGRIDS/NGM-UW
should look like:

>MRF-UW          10    MRF Grids in UW stream
>NGM-UW          10    NGM Grids in UW stream


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