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20010103: NEXRAD in SSEC McIDAS-X 7.704

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200101031328.f03DSuo12756 McIDAS-X nexradir nexraget


>We have received the email from Wisconsin regarding decoding of the nexrad
>data. They point us to the Mcidas Fastrack version 7.704 that needs to be
>installed. Will this version work on the DEC-ALPHA or do i need some
>modified version from you guys.

The code modifications included in the SSEC 7.704 Fastrack are the
combination of my ADDE NIDS server and modifications to core McIDAS
routines that were done collaboratively by me and Russ Dengel of SSEC.
In addition, I believe that all of the code modifications that I made
to McIDAS so it would run under Digital Unix (OSF/1) have been
incorporated into core McIDAS (at least Russ and I collaborated on this
throughout the fall).

If there are any modifications to the SSEC McIDAS distribution needed
for successful operation on DEC-ALPHA, please let me know and I will
get together with Russ and see that they get adopted into core.

As an aside, the collaboration between SSEC (Russ D.) and myself over
the past 5 months has been extremely productive in terms of getting the
Unidata modifications to McIDAS adopted into core.  This same
collaboration, however, is the main reason that I have not been able to
make any substantial progress on ADDEization of my MCGUI.  That effort
will be my primary focus after the AMS meeting is over.


Please let me know if you run into anything in the SSEC 7.704 Fastrack
that doesn't seem to work.


>From address@hidden Wed Jan  3 09:46:43 2001


ok..we will do a full install of this version on the Alpha and get back to
you. Probably at the AMS conference.


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