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20001230: McIDAS 7.7 ADDE setup at UGa (cont.)

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: U. Georgia
>Keywords: 200012282251.eBSMpko24860 McIDAS-X 7.70 ADDE


>You can get back on...

OK, thanks.

>Do you have a suggestion for how we could easily keep just 
>a day or so of imagery in the directory and then archive 
>the remaining imagery elsewhere that would still be easily 
>Just wondering.

For WSI Nexrad imagery, we use a structure like:


    current@       wsi_20001227/  wsi_20001223/  wsi_20001219/
    wsi_20001230/  wsi_20001226/  wsi_20001222/  wsi_20001218/
    wsi_20001229/  wsi_20001225/  wsi_20001221/  wsi_20001217/
    wsi_20001228/  wsi_20001224/  wsi_20001220/  wsi_20001216/

where 'current' is a link to the directory with the current day's data.

I want to revisit this setup so that the 'current' directory contains
24 hours of data for each type of image (i.e., so that the set can
span a day boundary).  I havn't though enough about how to do this to
advise you, but I am open to suggestions :-)

The problems I found in UGAGINI.CFG were:

o FILEMASK was specified as:


  The braket notation is used for single character substitution (e.g.,
  cd ~mcidas/mcidas7.7/src
  ls *.[ch]

  The simplest pattern to use given your regularized naming scheme is:


o you have a /data/goeseast/atlantic directory, and I had a pattern for

o the ADDE group names for the Puerto Rico regional images were incorrectly

o I had the 'nhemis' and 'conusComp' image directories switched

o I had a typo for GSN8KIR

o I needed to finish documenting the meaning of the TIGN16|17|18|28

I tested each of the image types by doing loads to my machine at home:
McIDAS-X 7.7x, RH 6.2 Linux, ADSL w/1284 Kb down (smokin!).  They all
appear to be setup for ADDE access now that I have corrected my
errors/typos.  Thanks for letting me fixup your GINI serving.

I am planning on announcing the availability of our ADDE server,
adde.ucar.edu, next week.  I would also like to announce ADDE
availability of GOES-East GINI imagery on your and Plymouth State's
machines at that time.  We talked about this previously, but I just
wanted to make sure that you are still willing to allow folks to serve
these images off of cacimbo.


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