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20001230: McIDAS 7.7 ADDE setup at UGa (cont.)

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: U. Georgia
>Keywords: 200012282251.eBSMpko24860 McIDAS-X 7.70 ADDE


>I don't think you had a problem. I was doing some final 
>tinkering today. I changed the file name convention a 
>little and created some links so that GARP and NSAT could 
>also see the GINI imagery. (I am now shipping the imagery 
>across directly by a socket feed. It was the software that 
>I was using to feed the data via the LDM that added the 
>header. So... I no longer have the FOS-like wrapper and can 
>now read the imagery again in N-AWIPS.)

OK, sounds good.

>Anyway, the filenames now look like VIS_20001230_1915.gini 
>instead of 20001230_1915.raw. So I changed the UGAGINI.CFG 
>FILENAME to [VIS|SWIR|WV|TIR|LWIR]*.gini. I was able to use 
>IMGDISP to successfully load the new images, but only a 
>couple are there since I just made the change on the 
>NOAAport side an hour or so ago. BTW, our plan is to save 5 
>days of imagery.

Sounds very good.

>Try taking a look again and let me know if you still have a 

Yes, there is still a problem, but I think that is one that I created
by improperly identifying /data/goeseast subdirectories with the ADDE
dataset names.  The definitions for GE1KVIS, GE4KIR|39|12 and GE8KWV
are correct, but those for GSN8K* are not.  This is not a result of
your renaming files, but of my making some mistake in UGAGINI.CFG.
What was not obvious to me was the mapping of your directory naming
with what I am used to seeing.

>Sorry for the endless tinkering, but this is the 
>first time I have been able to easily display the GINI 
>imagery in both McIDAS and N-AWIPS. We have a new fellow 
>doing an aviation met course this spring semester and he 
>will probably want the 4micron imagery for icing, etc., in 

No problem at all.  This is the kind of tinkering that is always needed
when setting things up.

By the way, the ADDE service off of the new cacimbo is nice and
snappy.  It will slow down, however, if/when you start keeping 5 days
of imagery since the server has to look through each image to sort them
into a correct temporal order (the file names mean nothing to the
server).  You might want to consider putting a single day's data into a
particular directory and then keeping 5 days/directories of data
around.  This is what we do on motherlode.ucar.edu (aliased to

Again, if you want, I will quickly jump onto cacimbo and fix my
UGAGINI.CFG mistake(s).  Please let me know (I can do it today if I get
your OK soon enough).




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