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20001229: McIDAS 7.7 ADDE setup at UGa (cont.)

>From: Thomas Mote <address@hidden>
>Organization: U. Georgia
>Keywords: 200012282251.eBSMpko24860 McIDAS-X 7.70 ADDE


re: mcserv and mccompress mods
>OK. Now I know what the problem(s) were. First off, this worked and I can
>now access data using ADDE from my client system. No need for you to get
>on my client system. 
>I originally did have the /etc/xinetd.d/mcserv and mccompress files with
>the changes you have above. After I noticed things weren't working, I went
>in and changed them to exactly what you have in the documentation. I later
>noticed there was a problem with the way the hostname was set on that
>system, but I never changed the mcserv and mccompress entries back. Now
>that I have, and the hostname problem is fixed, it seems to work fine.

Nuts.  The example on the web page is what tripped you up, and it is
not setup in the "standard" manner.  I just changed it to read like the
original way that you had it and what I recommended in my last email.
Sorry about that...

re: making local copy of GINI.CFG into UGAGINI.CFG so it won't get overwritten
with new installs

>OK. I thought I had this correct. I had a different version of the
>GINI.CFG file saved elsewhere, since I knew it would be overwritten.

OK, good.  All that you would have had to do was copy that saved version
back into the ~mcidas/workdata directory.

re: format of GINI files changed
>OK. This is good to know. We just had the software on the NOAAPort system
>upgraded and they must have done this in the process. I will forward your
>e-mail to our NOAAPort provider and get the low down. I think they id warn
>me about this; I'll have to scour my e-mail.

Glad this will be of help.

re: looking at setup on cacimbo2
>Again, there appears to be no need for this.




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