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20001221: broken web page links for McIDAS-X Users Guide

>From: David Ovens <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Washington
>Keywords: 200012220059.eBM0xvo15461 McIDAS-X web


>I am trying to find the McIdas User's Guide (for either 7.6 or 7.7)
>but if I click on "McIDAS User's Guide" from 
>it keeps giving me "Not Found".
>However, if I click on the "DOCS" item in the top frame of
>I can get to the User's Guide.

Thanks for letting me know about this broken link.  I have just fixed it
and two others (Learning Guide, and Workshop) on the same page.

>Anyhow, now that I found the documentation, I still see the MAKEAREA
>has not made it into the Index, but it is documented just after "MA"
>which is also not in the index (?).  Am I missing something here, or
>is the index incomplete?

You are correct, the index has not been updated to include the McIDAS
routines added by Unidata to the distribution.  I will look into correcting
this oversight.

For reference, you can find online documentation for MAKEAREA and other
Unidata-added routines from the Chapter 3 Commands pages:

Commands by Categories

Commands by Alphabetical Order

Tom Yoksas

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