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20001120: McIDAS GRID to NetCDF conversion

>From:  Russ Dengel <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200011201458.eAKEwZo03320 McIDAS GRID netCDF


>       Does UNIDATA have a McIDAS GRID file to NetCDF conversion

No.  We do have a grib to netCDF decoder, however.  Would this be of help?

>CIMSS has a new graduate student who is developing a retrieval
>technique and he needs to convert conventional aviation forcast files
>from the McIDAS GRID archive files to NetCDF format.

Does he have the original grib messages?  If so, he could use our gribtonc


>From address@hidden Mon Nov 20 10:25:33 2000


re: can SSEC site use gribtonc

>I don't think so. Looks like he got the grids from our data center, so the
>grids are in McIDAS format.  Thanks anyway.

>On a different subject .... do you have time to talk about NIDS?

Yes.  We do need to discuss a couple of things related to NIDS.  Before
we talk, please think about how the SSEC SDI will have to file the
NOAAPORT NIDS products.  This is the critical point in the NIDS
development that I will have to do in the next two weeks.

FYI, Chiz jammed together an uncompression routine for the zlib
compressed products, and my server can use the images with no
modifications.  He and I talked about what was missing in that routine,
and I agreed to adopt and extend it to make the output NIDS images look
exactly like the ones our sites are getting from WSI (a pretty simple
proposition).  I will be tuning up this application and making it
available with my next ldm-mcidas (decoders for Unidata-Wisconsin PNG
compressed imagery, WSI NIDS, NLDN lightning, and FSL wind profiler
decoders) release.

The best time to talk today will probably be after lunch.  Let's say
1:30 my time.


>From address@hidden Mon Nov 20 10:59:11 2000


re: how SDI will file NIDS products

>This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.

OK, sounds like we are on the same page at least.

re: The best time to talk today will probably be after lunch.  Let's say
1:30 my time.

>Bad timing. I have class today at 2:25. How about tomorrow same time?

We have a staff meeting scheduled tomorrow at 1:30.  Is there any
time today that would work?  I am at home right now, but I will
be heading in within 20 minutes.  I could skip Bball so we could
talk (I will probably not be able to get to hoops anyway, so it
is no big deal).  I think talking today will be much better than
tomorrow, so if you will be around until 2:25, we should try and
do the call today.


>From address@hidden Mon Nov 20 11:05:28 2000

>Ok. I'll be here until 2:25 my time. Just call when you can. Otherwise, I
>could call after the class. Thats around 3:45.  Yes, I agree. We should talk


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