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20001103: SFCPLOT, SFCPLT, and UKMET model GRID numbers (cont.)

>From: Bill Fingerhut <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200011031415.eA3EFH422672 McIDAS-X 7.6 SFCPLOT SFCPLT XCD


>I checked the debug info from SFCPLT. The day, time, mdf
>all look right. The error message from mdx is right after
>SFCPLT* final mdx for ship data
>so, I wonder if GUS is not a valid key for ship data.
>I ran LSCHE FIND GUS and found GUS in ISFC and SVCA.
>I ran LSCHE FIND T   and got a long list that included ISHP.
>I guess GUS could not be valid for ship data, or we have
>the wrong or bad ISHP? or?

GUS is not a valid key for ISHP data.  You can see this most easily
by looking at the ISHP schema:


>BTW, using the same command 'SFCPLT' with T instead of GUS
>works fine. And SFCPLT with the GUS option originates in


>So, if ISHP does not permit GUS, then the gui needs
>to use another command other than SFCPLT or the parameter
>GUS needs to be omited from the list of valid parameters?

It will when it is ADDEized with use of SFCPLOT.


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