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20001031: 20001026: McIDAS SCHEMA regristration; use of TXT2MD (cont.)

>From:  Xu Li <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UMD
>Keywords:  200010262140.e9QLe8411152 McIDAS SCHE LSCHE TXT2MD


>Thanks for Tom's reply at first!

>I should have told you that there are totally 2179 lines in my text file.
>And sorry I gave you a wrong CTYP, actually, I ever tried 3500 columns limit
>and it had the same complain. That's why I couldn't understand!

I took a quick look in the source code for TXT2MD.  I found that there
is a hardwired limit for the number of columns which is set to be 3500.
This may need to be updated.

I also found that the program was checking the output MD file, which
apparently exists on your system, for its number of columns and comparing
it to 3500.  Your TXT2MD invocation:

txt2md.k txt.dat 100 CTYP

specifies use of the output file MDXX0100.  Apparently, there is a file
named MDXX0100 that is accessible to your McIDAS session/invocation.
To verify this, do:

dmap.k MDXX0100

I am confident that you will find such a file.  I am also confident that
you will find that the number of columns in this file is 6000.  Again
this was the cause of the error message you are seeing.

>How to handle the problem?

You can do one of three things:

o if you own MDXX0100, delete it first before rerunning your txt2md.k

o if you do not own the copy of MDXX0100 that TXT2MD is trying to write
  to, you can change your output MD file number from 100 to something

o finally, if you want to use the file MDXX0100 and it exists in a
  MCPATH directory that is not writable by you, I would setup a
  file REDIRECTion that points to a copy of MDXX0100 in your own
  mcidas/data working directory.  Since I don't know what your HOME
  directory, I will use /usr/li as an example:

  cd ~/mcidas/data
  redirect.k ADD MDXX0100 \"/usr/li/mcidas/data
  txt2md.k txt.dat 100 CTYP


Please let me know if this doesn't work.


>From address@hidden Tue Oct 31 09:43:24 2000
>Subject: OK!

Yes, it is working now!
I just deleted the available MDXX0100,
then run the txt2md.k ....

Cheers and thanks!

Dr. Xu LI, Department of Meteorology
Space Sciences Building                 Tel:  301-405-5756
University of Maryland                  FAX:  301-314-9482
College Park, MD 20742                  address@hidden

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