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20001026: McIDAS-X 7.7 ADDE dataset configuration (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization:  UVa
>Keywords:  200010111541.e9BFfL419853 McIDAS-X 7.70 ADDE DSSERVE DIRFILE


re: adding DSSERVE way of specifying POINT and GRID datasets

>So it sounds more doable that I thought (eventually anyway, thats

I think that it is doable.  I certainly want it to be doable.

re: installing on your machine was useful


re: full workshop


re: UACROSS is supposed to be able to handle GRID cross sections

>I got pretty excited here, but once I looked at it, I see it
>won't work "out of the box" for us.  These are the allowed
>-----  ----  ---- ----- ---- ---- ----- ------ ------------------------
>DIR (degrees) 90    1    ALL   1    6     20    wind direction
>MIX   (G/KG)   2    4    ALL   1    6     20    mixing ratio
>P       MB    50    8   NONE   2    6     20    pressure
>RH      (%)    5    8   NONE   2    6     20    relative humidity
>SPD     KTS    5    2   NONE   1    6     20    wind speed
>SPDE    KTS    5    2    NEG   1    6     20    enhanced wind normal to
>                                                cross section
>SPDN    KTS    5    2    NEG   1    6     40    wind normal to cross
>                                                section
>SPDS    KTS    5    2    NEG   1    6     20    wind tangent to cross
>                                                section
>SPDZ   (1/S)   5    2    NEG   1    6     20    vertical wind shear
>T        C     5    5    NEG   2    6     20    temperature
>TD       C     5    4    NEG   2    6     20    dewpoint temperature
>TE       K     5    5    NEG   2    6     20    equivalent temperature
>THA      K     5    5    NEG   2    6     20    potential temperature
>THE      K     2    5    NEG   2    6     20    equivalent potential
>                                                temperature
>THW      K     1    4    NEG   2    6     20    wet bulb potential temp.
>TV       K     5    5    NEG   2    6     20    virtual temperature
>TW       K     5    4    NEG   2    6     20    wet bulb temperature
>U       KTS    5    2    NEG   2    6     20    easterly wind component
>V       KTS    5    3    NEG   2    6     20    northerly wind component
>WINDB (barb) n/a    7    n/a  n/a  12    n/a windbarb:flag=25mps(~50kts)
>                      long barb=5mps(~10kts) short barb=2.5mps(~5kts)
>Z        M   2000   1    NEG   2    6     20    height from surface

I think you are misreading this.  These are the default values for the
parameters listed (or, at least, that is how I read this).  I believe
that the idea is that you can do cross sections for any parameter
in a GRID dataset, and you can specify default things (unit, cint,
color dash, lint, lsize, smooth) in context files on a parameter by
parameter basis.  I havn't played with this much yet, so I can't
guarantee anything, but I think that the intention was for the user
to be able to specify anything.

>What I have are grids we have made with PV (potential vorticity) 
>derived (and explicit grids of theta too).  I am trying to
>build cross section that show PV (with theta and wind speed as
>secondary importance).  The XSECTG allows this because there was
>the generic designation of a parameter "GRID" where you could
>just specify the grids you wanted to plot, and it reads the header
>to get the parameter name.  Anyway, it has always worked nicely
>to produce PV cross sections.  Looks like we will have to try
>to customize this command (someday?). 

Try it out before deciding if it works or not.

>Anyway, thanks.  I look forward to seeing you next week
>(if I can get through this one...)



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