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20001020: McIDAS-X SCHEMA registration

>From:  Xu Li <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Meteorology Department of UMD
>Keywords:  200010201907.e9KJ7G415693 McIDAS-X SCHE LSCHE DCxxxx


>My name is Xu Li and am working with Professor Rachel Pinker at
>University of Maryland at College Park.
>I just joined here and involve in the use of McIDAS.
>Steve Williams provides GOES data to our project. He said that you are
>the best person to ask the question on McIDAS.

I will certainly try :-)

>Now, I have a question:
>When I register a schema, e..g, CTYP, by sche.k CTYP, the feedback
>information is following:
>CTYP         will be treated as a text file

Apparently the file your schema is in is named CTYP and it is an ASCII
text file.  Is this true?  The historical method from SSEC was to store
schema definitions in files whose names begin with 'DC'.  This is not
a necessity, however.

>"CTYP (JSP) 0001 SCHEMA -- Cloud Screening SCHEMA
>"        ---- --- ----- -- -------
>  SCHEMA CTYP  8 96183 0 "SNOW and CLOUD MAP
>This looks the registration was OK.

Yes, this does seem to suggest that the schema got added to the schema
registry file, SCHEMA.  Some McIDAS routines, however, may fail to properly
report errors.  This is changing as McIDAS evolves, but it may be what
we are seeing here.

>But when I checked it by lsche.k CTYP, it shows:
>lsche.k: DONE

The fact that lsche.k does not show that the schema is registered makes
me wonder if SCHEMA is writable by the user (you?) attempting to
register it.  Make sure that the user (you?) has write permission for
SCHEMA.  It is likely that if it is you that is registering the schema
and SCHEMA is located in ~mcidas/data that you do not have write

>I think this means schema CTYP was not registered successfully.

Right, this is what it means.

>Could you help me to solve this problem?

Given that the steps you took look correct, I have to suspect that
SCHEMA is not allowing write by you.  If this is the case, then I would
rerun your sche.k invocation as the user that actually owns SCHEMA.  If
write permission is not your problem, please let me know.


You are welcome.


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