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20001020: McIDAS access

>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Utah State
>Keywords: 200010201337.e9KDb0404969 mcidas access

Hi Dan-

>Hi - sorry to bother you, I am reinstalling the mcidas/ldm/gempak
>software for Rob Gillies at usu, and wanted to upload the newer versions
>of the software. I no longer have ( i.e.; I lost it ) the password for
>would it be possible for you to email it to me, either at
>or if needed to Rob Gillies so he can give it to me and I can finished the
>installation & lab setup

Use umcidas/XXXXXX.  A new release (7.7) will be available shortly
(after the workshops).  The current release is 7.6.

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