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20001011: McIDAS-X 7.7 build/install/configure (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization:  UVa
>Keywords:  200010111541.e9BFfL419853 McIDAS-X 7.70 configure ADDE


>Okay, it built, now I guess I need to re-install the
>ADDE server by uninstalling the last version, and
>installing the new version, right?

Right.  Your inetd.conf entries are almost 100% correct already:

mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh       
mcservsh -H /home/mcadde
mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh 
mcservsh -H /home/mcadde

But, it would be wise to modify the server invocation clause to be in
/home/mcadde instead of /home/mcidas:

mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcadde/bin/mcservsh       
mcservsh -H /home/mcadde
mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  /home/mcadde/bin/mcservsh 
mcservsh -H /home/mcadde

You need to do this as 'root' and then send a HUP to the inetd process.

kill -HUP pid_of_inetd

>And then I want to go to configuring the mcidas
>(in this case, the mcadde) account, right?

Yes, you want to configure the 'mcadde' account to be able to access the
datasets you are interested in.

>I was trying to look at the parallel structure of
>the files LSSERVE.BAT and LOCDATA.BAT for users
>McIDAS, but they are not there,

LSSERVE.BAT and LOCDATA.BAT are local copies, created by site representatives
(you) from the distribution copies DSSERVE.BAT and DATALOC.BAT.

>you are on as 
>user McIDAS, have you started to clear things up,
>or had we not set things up right in the first place?

I just wanted to look in to see if the build went OK.  It apparently had,
so I was doing other things.  Do you want me to setup your ADDE dataset
access?  If so, you need to detail all of the TOPSEx datasets that you
want to access.  We can get that going quickly.  The access to the
realtime datasets will take a little longer as I want to change DSSERVE.BAT
from use of the pre-7.7 way of running DSSERVE to the 7.7 way.  This
would not be a "hardship" for me since I was going to do this today
for my distribution anyway.  This way, I can use your system as a guinea
(sp?) pig.  Are you game?


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