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20000925: fousdisp question (cont.)

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200009242206.e8OM6Wb08089 McIDAS-X FOUSDISP


>Yes, Tom,
>I would be interested.  I could at least get the upgrade
>done on our SPARC.  wxmcidas will still be in use for Fort Sumner.

OK.  I thought that I could produce a distribution compressed tar file
by Monday, but I have been totally hammered by things beyond my control.
On top of that, I will be out of the office from tomorrow (Wed, Sept. 27)
until Monday (Oct., 1).  I will try to get you a distribution Monday
October 1 or 2.  I hope that this is good enough.

>I'd like to help them out as much as possible before I leave.

I understand.

>>From address@hidden Mon Sep 25 03:32:38 2000
>>Subject: Re: 20000924: fousdisp question (cont.)
>BTW, I won't have to worry about horsepower at Universal..
>GEMPAK(Cosmic) and McIDAS on a Sun Enterprise 6500 server
>(16-400 Mhz CPU's)!



>From address@hidden Wed Sep 27 07:32:35 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000925: fousdisp question (cont.) 

>Don't jump through hoops to get it out.  Anytime before 10 Oct.
>is fine and if that isn't doable that's fine.  John is coming
>up for the Unidata sessions and I would probably provide some free
>help within reason for a few weeks after I leave.

>Thanks again,

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