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20000924: fousdisp question (cont.)

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200009242206.e8OM6Wb08089 McIDAS-X FOUSDISP


>On the note about the new distribution..Do you think
>you will release it before my laat day at NSBF, Oct. 11?

Officially, no.  I could cut you a release that is pretty much set to
go except for MCGUI modifications.  One of the things that we felt
would interest you greatly was the decoding of upper air data all of the
way up.

You could grab the distribution and setup a runtime link arrangement
like the LDM uses so you could drop back to 7.6 quickly.  The only
difficulty would come with the different schema for upper air data.
When upgrading, one has to either delete the current upper air MD file;
if one reverted, the same would have to be done.

I really had hoped to have this distribution done way before now, but
the datastream change and the motherlode project totally consumed my
summer.  The really bad part is that I will be traveling several times
between now and the end of October, so I will probably not have the
official release ready until the end of October/beginning of November
(just in time for the workshops).

Interested?  If so, I will cut a distribution tomorrow (after my AIX
build completes (this is glacial)).


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