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20000923: McIDAS-X scc produces segementation violation (cont.)

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200009231141.e8NBfgb15537 McIDAS-X Sun SC5.0 MDX csetkn.for


>That's the problem,,it got compiled with -O instead of -g.

The csetkn.for exception section was missing from mccomp.sh when I
logged on.

I changed mccomp.sh; remade mccomp; deleted csetkn.o; and then
remade mdx.k.  csetkn.o got correctly built with '-g'.  Now, all
the MDX macros should run with no segmentation violation.

I ran MDX by itself with no errors, so I feel pretty confident about
the fix:

cd ~/workdata
mdx.k T MAP=NA MDF=7

SCC also works:

scc.k T USA
FILE: 132 GRID: 1

>Yes I read about the Gnome thing.  To me Gnome looks cheap
>and cheesy, I like CDE much better.  

I kinda like Gnome.  Hopefully, it will take less memory than CDE.
Plus, with a number of front line Unix vendors jumping on the bandwagon,
it is likely to get a lot better (trying to be optimistic here :-).



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