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20000914: missing data product on our McIDAS system?

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200009141412.e8EECIb24568 McIDAS-XCD WXTLIST


>My colleague tells me that when he uses the WXTLIST command to look at
>WMO=FOUSXX products, where xx can be 50 - 57, he finds all those
>products except the group FOUS51.  Naturally, this is the product that
>contains the stations he wants.

This is what you would expect.  One would never be expected to comment
on data that can be found.

>Since only one of these is missing, I suspect it may be a problem in
>our ingest/decoder machine, who you already know is waldo.

I don't think so.  I just did the same listing on adde.ucar.edu (which
is getting everything that there is to get) and I get the same lack
of FOUS51 products.

>Any hints about how I can solve this ?

>From address@hidden Thu Sep 14 08:28:08 2000

>My earlier message about missing FOUSXX data needs clarification.
>The command being used is: WXTLIST WMO=FOUS5? WSTN=KWNO NUM=5

This is the command that I issued (except that I specified NUM=100).
I also got reports for all FOUS5 bulletins except for 51.

>This brings up the new automated zone forcasts.  The group '51'
>in the sequence FOUS5?  is missing under this call.

>Sorry for the missing detail.

Since we log every product that comes in on NOAAPORT, we (Chiz actually)
were able to check to see if we had received any FOUS51 KWNO messages
in the last 5 days.  We have not.  This means that these bulletins are
not in NOAAPORT, so we should not expect to be able to list them with
WXTLIST.  Sorry for the bad news.


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